Cincinnati Reds
Hitting/Pitching Evaluation
(Evaluator: Jerry Flowers - Reds Scout)

Date:                29 December 2016
Location:       WCE House of Victory
                            11221 Cutten Rd Bldg #1
                            Houston, Texas 77066
Time:               TBS - Upon Registration Confirm
Cost:               $75.00 / Player
                           (if 3 register together, $50.00 / Player

WCE and the WCE House of Victory is humble to be holding the 1st Hitting / Pitching Scout Evaluation Event.  Mr. Jerry Flowers, a Cincinnatti Red's Scout will be in-house to perform 3-on-1 evaluations over hitting and pitching.  Upon registration, groups of 3 players each will be set-up with 30-minute schedule to be evaluated.  By doing groups of 3, the evaluator will be able to give feedback and inputs as the sessions progress.  Due to the limited time available, this event will be for the first 20 players that registers.  If we have more than 20 register, WCE and the evaluator may consider a 2nd session on another date. Stay tuned for furture events.


WCE House of Victory Online Special Event Registration Form
This form is specifically for the purpose of registering for Special Events that are scheduled at or by the WCE House of Victory.  Completing this form does not guarantee a sport in the event, but will be registered on a first come first serve.  In the event too many have registered, WCE shall attempt to set-up and alternative date and time, but cannot promise.  Registration and receipt of full payment will be the only guarantee.  Once a form is received, the WCE Event Staff will confirm receipt and provide scheduled dates and times.  
Our Organization's commitment to you: 
The WCE House of Victory will always:
  1. WCE will prioritize the safety and health of our youth over game or training results/demands,
  2. WCE shall strive to always make ourselves reasonably available to the parents or youth to address their concerns or issues,
  3. WCE shall provide reasonable rates that are affordable to most every family financial means, and
  4. WCE will strive to provide the best appropriate level competition for the players development. 
Our Staff's commitment to you: 
WCE Tutors, Instructors, Coaches and Staff will always:
  1. Keep an open and frequent line of communications with the player's and parents,
  2. Will represent and take care of ALL on the field problems or issues with the other team, their fans, and all game officials,
  3. Strive to develop the physical and mental aspect of the game for the next level of competition, 
  4. Push the player(s) to develop to their fullest potential as a teammate, player, son or daughter, leader, and community citizen, and
  5. Lead by example and represent how this game is supposed to be played and respected.
Our expected commitment from you: 

WCE will expect you to:
  1. Listen and do exactly what the WCE Event Staff and Evaluators are saying or trying to communicate you, and
  2. Work hard and always do your best. 
Our program's success is measured by the development and growth of the player's from an educational, physical and social aspect and not game results.  Wins/losses on the field will take care of theirselves, as long as we work together for the greater good of the player and team.

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